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I've been writing successful business plans for 2 decades. Over the years I have devised a winning step-by-step process to take an idea and turn it into a winning Business Plan:

Step 1 - Business Concept Development

Step 2 - Financial Projections

Step 3 - Content Creation

Step 4 - Presentation

Each phase is crucial and presents its own challenges. Your business plan writer must be skilled in each discipline to prepare your successful plan. A weakness in any of the phases above breaks the link and curtails the document's ability to meet your goal.

Business Concept Developer: I have worked with just about every industry including services, merchandise, retail, technology, ecommerce, real estate, food and beverage, entertainment, medical, non-profit, and on and on. I know your industry and more importantly, I have access to the data you need to help you develop and monetize your business concept.

Financial Projections: This is where I shine. I am a seasoned executive with experience as VP of Finance, Controller, and Treasurer for a public corp (NASDAQ). My Financial Statements have stood the test of SBA, IRS, SEC, NASD, and most other regulatory compliance authorities.

Content Creation: Whereas the previous steps are more of a science, the next two are creative in nature. Your reader simply doesn't have many hours to absorb the intended message contained in your business plan. Narrative content must convey the main points informatively, but also interestingly so they read the document, and most importantly - PERSUASIVELY so they may act on your primary objective.

Final Presentation: Through smartly-designed Tables, Graphs, Charts and Pictures, the final presentation should flow smoothly and attest to your credibility as a viable business. Most business plans fall short or completely disregard this formatting phase.

If you're struggling through a Business Plan, you may find comfort in knowing that it takes most entrepreneurs several months or much longer to complete what a real expert is able accomplish in a couple of weeks. Let my experience go to work for you. My services are VERY AFFORDABLE and the quality is stellar.

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