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What can $1 Do?
Almost Nothing!!!

But what if..... Just what if..... $1 could change everything in a person's life.
Introducing "One Dollar Blessings", an upcoming non-profit 501c3 Reality Show, that takes small $1 donations and blesses people's lives beyond their imaginations!

Have you ever seen someone in such dire need that it BROKE your HEART? Did you long to help but had so very little to offer?

This happened to me! I saw things and my HEART was Crushed

I decided that I can no longer sit on the side lines doing nothing. This is why I have decided to launch this new show.

Everywhere you turn there is someone there willing to take in your donation, but WHERE does the MONEY go? You almost NEVER get to see it at work, but NOT anymore!

I am ONE man,
with ONE camera,
on ONE mission! To pick a fight with the DEVIL!

Download my app and follow me as I go undercover to find the broken, the desperate, the hungry, and needy.
We will find them and we will love them. And when the need arises we will BLESS Them!

Whether we need $50 to help someone stranded on the side of the road...
$300 to pay someone car note...
$600 to fill up someone's fridge...
$50,000 to provide lifesaving treatment...
or $1,000,000 to rebuild a village,

when the need arises as a massive ARMY we will provide.

With the "One Dollar Blessing App" when the need arises it is broadcast to all of the members of our community.

With a click of a button members can donate a single dollar to a specific cause.

Then right there on the app you are able to watch live as your $1 donation, team up with all the other $1 donations, becomes a real and true blessing in someone's life!
Join the fight with me Become a member today And together let us take $1 and change EVERYTHING!

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