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UniRam Blast Vac UR007

Reclaiming Abrasive Blaster

The UR007 blasts surfaces with abrasive to remove old coatings, rust, debris and paint. The UR007 re-circulates the abrasive and collects the waste from the work surface in a debris container inside the unit for later disposal.


Etching on glass: identification marks, artwork etc.
Deep surface cleaning to remove rust, on paint and corrosion with no heat, no surface distortion and no dust.
removing grafitti from metal, concrete and stone
Cleaning tiled pool surfaces
Cleaning tombstones
Cleaning acrylic paint which is brittle, unlike powder paint

4 ply, 1/2 inch heavy duty hose (8.5 foot long) for long life and high flow.
Vacuum captures abrasive at blasting work surface and returns abrasive to abrasive reservoir for reuse.
Vacuum captures waste at blasting work surface and transfers it to debris container inside the unit for later disposal.

Abrasive is drawn into the gun and projected through the nozzle to the work surface to blast away old coatings, rust, debris and paint. The brush contains the abrasive and debris. Used abrasive and debris are returned under vacuum and separated. The used abrasive is re-used, a hard abrasive such as Aluminum Oxide is recommended (Uni-ram Part Number: 27-914, 25 lb pail, NOT included with the unit). The used abrasive is re-circulated and can be re-used until it breaks down. Most other abrasives can also be used including glass beads, metal shot, nutshells, plastic pearls etc.

Recommended Abrasive

27-914 Aluminum Oxide, #60, 25 LB pail

POWER: 120V (220-240V Optional)

Air Pressure: 75-160 PSI, 8-22 CFM-(5HP air compressor is minimum recommended)

Hose Length: 8.5 FT (2.5M) standard, longer hoses are available.

Optional brushes, blast nozzles, hoses, and filters available.

NOTE: Uni-ram recommends against the use of coal and other slag products that may contain and expose the user to intrinsically hazardous dusts, such as beryllium.

Appropriate protective equipment should be worn at all times during blasting operations.

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