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I recently lost my job. With all the extra free time, I thought I’d sell some of my games.
- Everything is in complete, and in like/new condition.
- I am trying to reduce my library, so I will consider offers.
- Cash, Venmo or PayPal.
- I use Pirate Ship to determine pricing. I generally prefer USPS Priority Shipping, but if another option is dramatically cheaper, I will confer with you.
- I will not ship anything with an asterisk in front of the title.
- Yes, I will consider trades in good condition, in particular I’m looking for: Arcs (Pledge), Caverna, Glory to Rome: Black Edition (lol), Lacuna, Pandemic: Rising Tides, The Quest Kids, Schadenfreude, Spots, Switch and Signal
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$150- *Atlantis Rising (2nd)- deluxe version with Monstrosities and playmat
$20- Babylon- 2 copies come in the box
$20- Fantasy Realms: Deluxe Edition
$20- Fine Sand- with 4 deck boxes for player decks (not pictured)
$30- French Quarter- with extra pads
$40- Glass Road- with upgraded GeekUp bits, first player goblet, and drawstring bags for all pieces
$20- Jaipur
$20- Mechanical Beast- with extras
$70- *Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage Game- Deluxe edition with Secret Missions deck
$20- Motor City- with extra pads
$20- Pocket Ballpark
$5- Rolling America
$5- Sacred Rites
$5- Silver & Gold
$400- *Thunderstone Quest- with ALL 13 quests, promo materials, plastic dividers, card sleeves, updated mat and board. About 80% of the cards are sleeved, and you will receive enough sleeves for the remainder.
$15- Wormholes

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$20- Irish Gauge
$20- Khora: Rise of an Empire
$30- Legacy of Dragonholt
$15- Night of the Ninja- with a preorder exclusive
$20- Three Sisters- with extra pads and expansion
$200- *Yedo: Deluxe Master Set-with a set of 6 neoprene mats to facilitate player boards and replace the main board

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$20- Bug Council of Backyardia
$50- Condottiere- Z-man edition with both versions in the box
$15 - Explorers
$5- The Game
$20- Gosu X
$60- Hallertau- with a Folded Space insert
$60- Hanabi Deluxe with a mini expansion
$5- Loot- tin version with new art
$80- Lost Ruins of Arnak- with both expansions and a Folded Space insert
$10- My City: Roll & Build- Box was a little damaged during shipping
$10- Point City
$10- Point Salad
$10- Rolling Realms
$10- Skull King
$20- Splendor Duel
$5- Star Wars: Jabba's Palace: A Love Letter Game
$15- Sushi Go Party!
$20- Talisman: Kingdom Hearts
$150- *Tapestry- with a Folded Space insert, some extra dice, and all expansions: Plans & Ploys, Arts & Architecture, Fantasies & Futures, Revised, Adjusted, Rebalanced Civilization pack
$10- Queen's Necklace

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