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Hey all!

I’m Danni and I’m looking for a room to rent in Denver. My budget is about $500/month. Maybe flexible a little bit higher.

I’m 36, female, and just finishing up my first year of college. Yep, I’m a late-bloomer. I’m going back to school for CAD Drafting/Civil engineering, but my career before then has been in computers, as IT support and as a technical writer.

I’m originally from Chicago (grew up in the burbs, lived in the city too…even worked in the Sears Tower at one point!)

I am going back to school in CO because the IT job market (for non-senior level techs) dried up and I realized I needed to learn a few more skills to make myself marketable. A STEM degree always looks good, and plus I kind of want to design sewer systems or road systems—basically, have a tangible impact on the world, you know? But after I decided to go to school in Colorado, I checked out the IT job market for funsies…and hahaha…it looks like all the jobs that used to be in Chicago are now in Denver.

Not that I blame the tech companies for relocating--Illinois has been having corruption issues for pretty much forever, which brings a lot of uncertainty into things for a business’ long-term outlook. So it does make sense for tech companies to pull up roots and go elsewhere. Denver seems an ideal spot to put your tech business if you’re trying to avoid high-priced coastal living, Chicago crime and corruption, and southern hurricanes.

Things about me:

• I’m a geek, I do geeky things by myself. I write sci-fi and fantasy novels on the side.
• I grew up in a crappy home and was emancipated at 17 (basically given the legal rights of an adult a year early, so I could get out and live on my own and support myself).
• I have some C-PTSD from those years. Pragmatically-speaking, from a “what does it mean for my roommates” perspective, it just means I’m very anxious about people and stay in my room 99% of the time. If you’re looking for a party-roommate, or new best friend, I’m not your person. No amount of cajoling will get me out to party with you, and you’ll only stress me out. If you’re cool with me doing my thing quietly with headphones on, and leaving you to do your stuff in peace, we’ll get along swimmingly
• I don’t do drugs, smoke, or drink. I don’t party or have loud music either.
• I prefer a quieter home that doesn’t have people partying all the time. It’s related to the C-PTSD thing I mentioned—noise is super-stressful for me.
• I sound more outgoing in writing than I am in person. I’m very, very quiet in person. Imagine living with a mouse, but it’s a mouse that DOESN’T nibble all your food or crap in your pantry. A polite mouse.
• I don’t have a car but I’m an expert at getting around without one. I will not bother you for rides. I bike a lot.
• I love cats. I will be your cat’s second-favorite-person (after you of course!) I can be depended on for cat-sitting if you travel or something.
• Dogs depend on the dog. I do better with chill, quiet dogs.
• I’m fine with gay/trans/etc. folks.
• I tend to eat keto since I’m borderline diabetic and trying to control it by cutting carbs/sugar out before it’s real-diabetic. So while I’m okay with vegans, you’ll also need to be okay with me eating meat/eggs daily.
• I’m currently in Chicago, but I will fly to Denver and meet any prospective roomies face-to-face. I’m not doing any Paypal or wire or check fraud crap. I want to meet you.
• The most idealistic situation would be meeting you face-to-face, and us deciding from a talk whether we’d be good roomies.
• Then I suppose it’d be me being able to see your place, and then me handing you cash or a money order or something, and moving in the same day or within a few days…simply because while I can fly from Chicago to Denver, I don’t want to fritter away my savings on flights back and forth and back and forth if I don’t have to when I could use it on rent or other necessities instead.
• Related to this, since I will be flying out, any meeting time we set will have to be more “set” than I usually push for—it’ll really mess me up if we set something and you suddenly need to reschedule. I’m generally easy-going 99% of the time, except in cases like this where I can’t be
• I can pass a background check fine. My credit is not great however, so if you need it to be, I’m not the person for you. I am working to get the credit stuff fixed, but that’s a long-term thing that won’t be fixed overnight.
• I have 6 months savings, and given Denver seems to have a healthy IT industry I don’t see why I can’t find a position in 6 months. Even if IT sucks and I’ve completely read the situation wrong, there’s always retail, or my new career as a CAD Drafter. My plan is to work at least a year and get myself settled, then re-enter college.

So hit me up via if you want to chat.

I prefer email first, and phone/skype if we seem serious enough that I might fly out to meet you.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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