aggiungi a preferiti Mature female wants room and bath in a HOUSE (se) nascondi post mostra

I'd like to move on September 1st. Need to give 30 day notice where I am.

Looking for:

*room and bath
*NO strings
*no drama please
*nice back yard would be nice - I'll help
*separate family and living rooms would be nice, too
*garage or off-street parking
*all-inclusive rent max 800
*no egomaniacs / drill sargents please! Friendly environment!

about me: Best thing for homeowner is probably that my rent is paid like clockwork on the 1st
quiet, like to read, some tv (have 2 of my own), like to garden
very tidy, will even clean up after YOU in kitchen as long as it's not abusively constant
friendly but not chatty
don't much care what others do as long as it doesn't involve me (x maybe drinking all night,
every night)
have family in the area

Please respond with house pics and any facts / info relative to decision-making. Thanks.

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