Consumer Fraud Halcyon Lending Warning

Warning to any veterans. We tried this group that was a reference from someone I know. At the end of the day we sometimes come across a business professional that doesn’t stand behind customer service and skills that investors often play by taking money for some consulting services. The two fraudulent business professionals that I speak about is the documented experience I've felt over the last year. The two even forgot the scope of work involved with successfully performing evaluations from CFP/CPA firm with tax documents to properly analyze a business scalability. I would make sure you avoid any transactions across this documented experience I have felt from my wise interworking relationship with Status Group International run by owner Alex Goldner - statusgroupinternational.com and co-partner Halcyon Lending run by owner Alex Wigginton - Halcyonlending.com Last time we spoke with him, it was over 6 weeks ago. Now we are moving forward with filing a complain with the Kansas AG on Halcyon Lending and NYC AG on Status Group Int. As they are Not licensed by the SEC or FINRA for the ability to handle these types of deals. We paid Allan and Alex $23K to source a line of credit, business SBA loan and working capital. After 14 months of playing games with us, we are now moving forward with filing an active complaint with the NY AG and KS AG. I would avoid any business with these firms in questioning as you might lose your money, business and opportunity to actually scale your business. Don't go through the same business mistake we did, as they only collected money, did a bunch of nothing and make up some excuses to pretend like they shuffled some papers and come back with NO RESULTS! Often today shark investors need a reality check in front of the Judge to decide a fair outcome of what was justified consulting work for the money. The latest investors/consultants I have come across just want to cash out projects, not help them actually scale to progressive growth! As it's fast cash to take an offering and tell them anything really without any proof of work. This is why we are slowly moving today with NanoXSolar... When we could of put that money to work and hired people. We waisted hours that are countless and time losses that are unpaid for. I have paid lawyers, consultants and investors big cash to do something that never obtained anything for the level of work that they promised to source investment capital. You can't trust anyone's word anymore, even if they are known in your circles of friends. This documents my outcome today with Alex and Allan. If they haven't closed any funds in last 24 months, then your group fund is dead/No Powder.

The business loan scams today come with lessons learned, this group is know to take money up front for no results into a loan scam as they are not registered as a broker with SEC or FINRA so they choose to operate at a consultant level taking money. https://www.fundera.com/business-loans/guides/business-loan-scams




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Company: The Halcyon Group DNA Halcyon Capital
Address: 5000 Chouteau St. Shawnee KS 66226
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