Lenses for 35mm Cameras - $1 (longmont)

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Seven vintage 35mm camera lenses, untested but appear to be in excellent condition.

Reply for more details.

Minolta Maxxum AF macro 50mm, 1:2.8 (32)
Minolta Maxxum AF zoom 35-70mm, 1:4 (22)
Minolta Maxxum AF zoom 70-210mm, 1:4 (32) with sun shade

Minolta - MC W. Rokkor - SI 1:25 f=28mm (in Minolta soft case)
Minolta - MC W. Rokkor - HG 1:28 f=35mm (in Minolta factory box)

Two (2) - Schneider –Kreuznach Retina-Curtagon 1:2.8 35mm lenses

I am selling what was left when Boulder Camera Repair Service closed thirty years ago. I've had it in my basement (temperature 65 degrees and dry) since 2002 when I moved into what had been the shop-owner’s house.

I have too much stuff to list but I'll take specific photos for you and follow up with details on anything that interests you.

The cameras are sold untested, as-is, and cheaply. The electronic test equipment was in everyday use at the shop. The individual camera lenses look perfect.

There are thousands of parts, for a hundred different film cameras, in labeled (but un-organized) paper envelopes and also inside sliding drawers in four metal cabinets. They are the entire inventory of a working camera repair shop. Belts, too, for devices that use them. And a variety of projector bulbs. These parts are not well-organized but I will search for your requests. Buy whole tray of Minolta parts, for example.

I have the following:


Minolta Maxxum AF macro 50mm, 1:2.8 (32)
Minolta Maxxum AF zoom 35-70mm, 1:4 (22)
Minolta Maxxum AF zoom 70-210mm, 1:4 (32) with sun shade

MC W. Rokkor - SI 1:25 f=28mm (in Minolta case)
MC W. Rokkor - HG 1:28 f=35mm (in Minolta box)

Two (2) - Schneider –Kreuznach Retina-Curtagon 1:2.8 35mm lenses

STEREO Cameras:

Coronet “3D” England
Wirgin Stereo - Germany w/leather case auto timer
Revere Stereo 33 USA Leather case
Colorist II Stereo (Bell & Howell) USA/Germany
Universal Stere-All
Delta Stereo w/blue leather case

MOVIE Cameras:

16mm Beaulieu R-16 with accessories and bill of sale from the U.S. Army at Ft. Carson

Bell & Howell Filmo Auto 8 w/3 filters w/leather case
Cine Kodak 8 model 20 Eastman Kodak
Paillard Bolex 8mm w/two additional lenses in two leather cases

35MM Cameras:
Minolta Rokkor 1:2.8 30mm lens, case & strap
Minolta Rokkor 1:2.8 38mm lens, case
Kodak Duraflex IV w/flash attachment w/leather case
Brownie flash #20 USA blue
Kodak Retinette 1A Germany w/nice brown leather case. Lens: “Schneider –Kriuznach Reomar 1:2.8 45mm”
Voigtlander Vitoret DR 2.8/5 Germany in leather case
Agfa Ambi Silette Germany
Canon G III QL 50mm Canon lens w/leather case
Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL, Mamiya 1:2 50mm lens

CLASSIC Cameras:

Ansco accordian 1912 US-NY
Kodak Autographic (early) accordion USA model 13662
Refleckta “Blitz” twin-lens reflex. Germany
Yashika Copal MXV twin-lens reflex. Japan
Kodak Flash Bantam w/leather case
Argus Cintar w/leather case
Kodak Brownie 2A #116 box black
Wollensak Actus accordion Eastman Kodak early
Argus IRC w/brown leather case
Argus Anastigmat w/leather case
Argus Anastigmat w/leather case in a box labeled “Falcon Camera”
Kodak early heavy metal construction
Two simple Kodak box cameras

Kodak Carousel slide projector and many slide trays.
Carousel parts, belts, lenses, bulbs – lots of them
Carousel Programmer

Mick-a-Matic Delux 126 camera, still in plastic packaging, inside the original box with batteries and papers

Stereo View Master viewers (2)
View Master Projector, in the original box
View master slides, case of 36

Box of Polaroid film, color & black-and-white, 100 exposures, in un-opened boxes. Various Polaroid Lenses and attachments and a nice Polaroid camera case

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