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PLEASE help me find a good home for Bailey (preferably on a ranch or on land, not the city where she is now)! I'm moving later this year and will be on the road for at least half the year, if not more (fire season).

Who can adopt a German Shorthaired Pointer, GSP for short, that is a resource guarder? Here's the deal - Bailey, about 8, is a sweet dog that had a rough start in life. She was abandoned by her Kansas owners, who kept her in a kennel most of her first year of life. We verified this when we found their info on her chip, and they refused to help us even find the owners they sold her to. She was somehow adopted by homeless people in Madison, Wisconsin, and then ran away a few times, was malnourished and scared for at least a year or two. We found her, or she found us (back in 2014) while driving in Madison (she ran up to our vehicle), so we brought her to Colorado.

Bailey IS A GOOD DOG, even with the resource guarding (beds, sofas (usually only at night)). She has lived with two dogs for as long as we have had her. I have lived with her since February 2018 since rescuing her from the animal shelter after my former partner tried unsuccessfully to rehome her, and part of that last year was in a small camper. She needs to be either 1) the only dog or 2) with other medium-to-large dogs, as she has a strong prey drive around little dogs (no, she has not killed any). She needs her own space, for sleeping and eating. She does the typical growling thing (I would too if I thought someone was about to take my food... Come to think of it, people DO essentially "growl" in their own ways).

She has never bitten me, but the reason I can't go thru a rescue is because when my ex rehomed her through one, she apparently bit someone (has not yet been verified; still waiting to confirm details). I will say, not to necessarily defend Bailey, that she is not a PROactive biter. She won't seek you out to bite you or be aggressive. She is only reactively aggressive, as are many dogs somewhat naturally, and if you shout and wave your hands in her face, well yes then, she might snap or bite. Again, I've not experienced this, but I'm familiar with the behavior in dogs when they feel threatened. I once told a dog sitter to not do this, and he did it anyway (I was present). She didn't snap or bite, but he seemed to think it was fine and I know it stresses her out. The reason I have kept Bailey for so long, albeit not convenient in the least in the city and working full-time with 2 hours of commuting daily, is that her "aggression" is very much manageable, avoidable really!

She needs exercise, to hunt even, and to NOT to be kept indoors day-in-day-out, which is kind of her life now because I am a single dog parent in the city. Later this year, I will be traveling more for work and training and in 2020 I .will not be able to have a dog during the fire season because I will be on the go. I cannot afford dog care for 6 months out of the year, nor can just anyone be her dog sitter.

If you have questions, shout out! I'd never set anyone up for failure with a canine or otherwise. This is as transparent as it gets! Let me know if you can help.
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