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kompensasie: No pay, use of a tiny home on wheels in exchange for some farm help
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Help! We need a break from farm chores, and you need a beautiful small home with a world class view, in exchange for a couple days/week of farm chores. That's you, right? Frugalbundance Farm (homesteading, goats, poultry, garden, natural building, off grid solar, tiny houses, permaculture) is seeking the right person to come live, preferably long term, in a beautiful, professionally built, well insulated, off-grid tiny house on wheels with large storage shed/studio, and garden space if wanted, on a 48 acre parcel 2 miles from Paonia center, very close to BLM land, with several routes for walking, running, biking right from the door.

Use of the fully furnished home and shed are offered in barter for help with milking and walking dairy goats and taking care of poultry the equivalent of two days/week worth of chores. That comes out to something around 5 to 6 hrs/day for 2 days/week and/or 8 days/month, with some flexibility for when we'd like to go away for more than 2 days at a time. If this sounds like too much and you'd like to propose less, please do. The chores are both morning chores - opening up barns and coops, feeding and watering, milking 3 to 5 goats by hand, filtering milk, taking goats on browse walks; and evening chores - milking goats, filtering milk, collecting eggs, feeding and watering, and closing up animals and birds in barn and coops at dusk. We could occasionally offer food from the farm (dairy products, eggs, garden veggies) or $ in exchange for additional help with projects, irrigation, putting up hay, etc.

The home is off-grid, so no electric bills, no sewer bills. You would need to provide a small amount of firewood (available from the land if you have a saw) for heating plus propane for cooking, hot water, and backup heat, and during the dry season, pay to have the cistern refilled. Internet service would require getting Rise Broadband wireless service or a cellular data plan. You will need your own transportation (it's a 600', 2 mile climb here from downtown Paonia).

The right person would be strongly interested in animals, be able to treat other species (goats, chickens, turkeys, guineas, etc) with respect and compassion, be able too learn to stay safe around unpredictable goats (one has a tendency to try to butt people and most have horns), have an interest in organic agriculture and a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. They would also ideally be physically strong and fit, able to lift 70 lbs hay bales, be fairly quiet, gentle, mature, happy, internally motivated, patient, a good communicator, curious and empathetic, reliable, not addicted to drugs or alcohol, and be somewhat flexible time-wise. We are interested in someone who doesn't smoke, doesn't have a dog.

Perfect situation for a valley organic farm employee, artist/musician/writer-farmer, web-based contractor, retiree, or ?
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