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And what I mean by that is it's good if you can play lead on electric and we love that sound but we need you to be able to play lead on acoustic, really well. You should own an acoustic and know what D'Addario Medium gauge strings are and you should be familiar with John Pearse Strings, Medium Fender picks, and so on... or this is not gonna be your gig because we play a lot of acoustic, Im playing a twelve string acoustic and a six string. I'm blowin Harmonica sometimes. We are playing Upright Bass and some Violin. We are playing slide guitar and open tunings and really need you to know your scales and improvise and write on the fly.
You don't have to own a nice acoustic guitar or anything just be able to play that thing like you're going to die tomorrow. We are a group of fun friends and love playing Music live, in-studio, house parties, whatevs. You should be ready to play live with us and have a car or a girlfriend who has a car and have your mind together like mentally be focused or meditate or be really fuckin' cool. Basically we need another superstar that hasn't been discovered yet. We don't care what your age and we are willing to play with you even if you're 18 years old even if youre 100 years old as long as you got the chops and a soul. No hard drugs or alcoholics allowed. 420 friendly as always;-)
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