Looking For Female Singer - Lead and Backup (Denver)


1) All in our 50's. Not old old farts, but definitely a little smelly.
2) Here’s our lineup:
- Ralf - our great drummer who mixes percussion, hand percussion, and a regular
kit perfectly. Also a pilot…so pretty much an all around badass.
- Ryan - our bass player who has played everywhere (including Red Rocks) and
played with everyone. He was in the crowd when the Beatles were on the Ed
Sullivan show. He was in the studio when Eddie Van Halen recorded “Eruption.”
He was in the room with Blue Oyster Cult when they wrote “Don’t Fear the
Reaper” and suggested “hey instead of a hand clap, why don’t you guys try a
- Eric - our guitarist, lead/backup singer, keyboardist, drummer extraordinaire. Son
of Bowzer from Sha Na Na (if you know that reference, then you’re definitely old
like us!) and a world class “Red Light Green Light” champion.
- Jay (me) - our keyboardist, lead/backup singer, acoustic guitarist, drummer
dude. Do you remember on Sesame Street where they had that thing “One of
these things are not like the others??” Well, that’s me. I’m Polynesian/Native
American while the other guys are all pasty white…almost transparent…they
kinda glow. Plus I’m incredibly good looking where they all look like rejects from
a Bud Light commercial.
- “Sox” - our steel guitarist. Did you just say? “What the hell is a steel guitarist
doing in a rock, acoustic rock, pop rock, classic rock type original band?” He’s in
a country band but wanted to explore that instrument in another genre. He’s
rockin’ it! (Pun intended)
3) We're more interested in playing original music. We've all done the cover band thang for years and understand some covers are necessary, but considering this is done more out of a labor of love than a paycheck or fame, then we might as well play our own songs.
4) The covers I offer up to the band are mostly the following: Mash-ups for originality / a change up of a cover . . the song played in a different style . . . adjusting the key to accommodate the singer's voice / finding the lesser known covers (instead of something like "Don't Stop Believing", we'd try "Ask The Lonely" or "Only The Young".
5) We're all willing to try different styles but just know we're all from an older generation so that's where our influences come from.
6) Even though this band is not meant to be a touring band or a primary money maker, we are still completely committed to this and we expect a level of professionalism. We want to build something that we’re proud of, even if only us, our family and friends, the waitstaff and a few drunks in very back of the bar hear it.


1) We’d like a vocalist to provide the alto or soprano level harmonies. We’d love you to sing lead as much as you want, but just know Eric and I also would like to sing lead as well from time to time. Now if you come to the table sounding like a evil wicked scientist went into his basement evil lair, put down his Capri Sun juice box, and concocted your voice made up of Adele, Alicia Keys, Pat Benatar and Pink, then by all means…YOU SING EVERYTHING! And we’d be happy to step aside!
2) Age is not a concern, but you know our ages so up to you if you're willing to be part of this group, and the direction that our ages and influences take us.
3) If you write songs, a bonus. We throw all our originals into the mix and then all members vote to which songs they’d like to play. Yours would also be thrown into that mix.
6) Please have a certain level of quality and professionalism. Are we all at the level of Dream Theater or Umphrey's McGee? No, but we are all good enough to do great things in this local scene and build something we're all proud of. We expect you to be prepared, do some practicing on your own so when we come to practice together, we're not just picking up where we left off last week.
7) Please have a certain level of commitment. We wanna play big fun gigs. We wanna satisfy our musical creative needs as well as our need to play in front of people. That level of commitment is required to get to that point.

We have a full band right now as I stated earlier, but still in its infant stages. Since we’re not your standard cover band, we don’t have a list of songs we intend to perform to show you. We do have a few covers in the list though…

1) Bang Bang / Happiness is a Warm Gun mashup - (Nancy Sinatra/Beatles)
2) Be Yourself / Dear Prudence mashup - (Audioslave/Beatles)
3) Wasted Years - (Iron Maiden - done in an Americana style)
4) Stay Forever - (Ween - played verbatim)

Then we have 5 originals added to that list.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks your time.

P.S. We practice in different places - one in Castle Pines and one in Cherry Creek Denver.

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