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My name is Andreas - I am a 27-year-old remote (i.e. work-from-home) professional with a tech company based out of Seattle. I have held jobs in the tech, finance, and non-profit industries. My background? Political Science.

Truth is, most workplaces don't hire a candidate based solely on their degree. They want to invest in a candidate as a person. So how do you market and ultimately sell yourself? When it comes to securing a job, you have 3 primary tools at your disposal:

1) Your job prospecting techniques
2) Your resume
3) Your interview abilities

Knowing how to leverage these 3 tools is critical. Now am I the oldest and most experienced professional you will find? No. However, I have ample experience in THIS job market - networking with other professionals, understanding how to find jobs using multiple sources, creating resumes that highlight the right things, and preparing for early and late-stage interviews.

If you feel comfortable and confident looking up these sorts of resources online, I say go that route! But if you think you might benefit from having a second opinion on your job search approach, getting a second set of eyes on your resume or cover letter, or having someone to help prepare for an interview, email me!

Unlike most companies, I'm not charging hundreds of dollars. I will charge $30/hour and we can tailor the time however you would like. We can also meet at a mutual location that's safe and comfortable for both parties. I look forward to speaking with you!
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