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Carr St at Alameda Ave

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If you need a math tutor in the west Denver-area, I can help. Personally I love math, and I believe I can help anyone like it, or at least not hate it.

I can help First Grade through College level in:

Fundamental Math; Math for the Liberal Arts; General math online
Pre Algebra; Elementary Algebra or Algebra 1; Intermediate Algebra or Algebra 2
College Algebra; Trigonometry: Geometry: Pre Calculus; Calculus 1, 2, 3
ACT; SAT; AP courses; GED; Accuplacer; ASVAB/AFOQT

Sometimes students understand a concept the first time it is explained to them. Sometimes they need to have the concept explained ten or more times before they understand it. I use the word "patient" in the title of my ad because I will explain concepts as many times as the student needs.

My tutoring is always focused on the student. The student decides whether we are working too slowly or too fast, whether I have explained a problem in the way they understand, and how often and how long tutoring sessions need to be.

● I have more than 18 years of formal teaching and tutoring experience.
● I can cater a program for each student's individual needs and am very good at explaining math on the level the student needs. I currently have a 6-year-old student who challenges me in every session to explain the way he needs, not the way most teachers explain. I think I am learning as much as he is.
● Elementary school students seem to learn multiplication tables easily when we play Multiplication War.
● Students often have trouble with fractions, factoring, and functions. I believe I am very good explaining these concepts.
● I am available year-round, any day of the week and any time of day so help is available when the student needs it.
● I can help with online classes.
● I have a Bachelor's Degree in math, with distinction, from the University of Colorado.
● I have a Master's Degree in adult education and distance learning from the University of Phoenix.
● I have a Master Tutor Certification from the College Reading and Learning Association.

It is usually better to start tutoring early in a school session or even before a session starts so the student does not get too far behind, but starting tutoring later is better than not getting help at all. When I take a class, I still always get a tutor.

For tutoring sessions, I like to find a comfortable place which is convenient for both the student and me, such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, Caribou Coffee, or Einstein Bros Bagels. I have tutored at local libraries but, due to the current economic situation in Colorado, they are not always open at convenient times. I am willing to travel up to 20 miles round trip without an extra charge.

Some of my recent students are Ralph J. who I am helping with Calculus II series and sequences, Adrianna A. who is in high school algebra, Ava W. who I am tutoring in 7th Grade math, history, and geography, Monica M. and Caelin J in the developmental math course at Red Rocks Community College, and Sophia O. in Freshman geometry.

Please reply by e-mail or phone Peggy at my primary number 720-881-1615 which is a MagicJack and records the number of the caller. Please give the subject the student needs tutoring for, the age of the student or their level in school, and the general area where the student lives to help find a place which will work for all of us. If you call my cell phone at 720-280-5239 which does not record the number of the caller, in addition to the above information, please give your name and your phone number so I can return your call.
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