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Yup, that’s right. This Asian guy is going to tell you how to master Spanish.

Check it out, these are statements from real people trying to learn Spanish:

“I have started and stopped studying Spanish many times, and I'm not at all certain I am learning to actually speak.”

“I'm not great with languages and even after 8 years of Spanish classes I haven't learned enough to get by in a Spanish speaking country.”

“I am devastatingly bad with Spanish comprehension to the point that it gives me anxiety. When I try to have a conversation I feel like I am being “put on the spot” and end up panicking.”


All of these people have something in common:

They were learning with the WRONG METHODS, one’s that simply didn’t work for them.

When I started to learn Spanish, I tried everything that I could imagine. I spent a lot money on Rosetta Stone, audio CDs, Apps, and evening classes. But I made very little progress and was frankly embarrassed that I just wasn’t getting it.

Everything changed when I met Julia.

Julia is a professional Spanish teacher who lives in Guatemala, and I began taking 1-on-1 video lessons with her through Skype. At first, I wasn’t sure about the idea of learning from a stranger online…but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was learning, and how much fun I was having.

After about a year, I became totally fluent in Spanish. These days, I have no problems conversing with native speakers, and can confidently say anything that I want to say.

Since these lessons have made such a huge difference for me, I wanted to share this method of learning with other people. That’s why I founded: Verbalicity

We are an online Spanish school offering Skype lessons with our outstanding team of teachers based in Latin America (including Julia).

Here are the advantages of our Skype lessons over other methods:

- Convenient: You can learn whenever you like (days/evenings/weekends). Even if you’ve got a busy schedule, our teachers can accommodate you.

- Effective: Each private lesson is unique to you, and customized to your learning style. And of course, there is a big focus on getting you conversational in as short a time as possible.

- Affordable: Our goal is to find the very best teachers, and offer them to you at prices that the average person can afford. For as little as US$15/hour, you get to learn from fully certified professionals, most of whom have 10+ years of experience.

- No Risk: We’ll give you a 1-hour FREE trial lesson, so you can try experience it for yourself. No strings attached, no credit card required.

If you are motivated to learn, our lessons are the single most effective way of improving your Spanish. We’ve already helped hundreds of students hit their learning goals, and I’m sure we can help you too.

Please visit our website below (copy+paste into your browser), and sign up for a trial lesson:


Happy learning,

Founder, Verbalicity

Questions? Email Us: contact@verbalicity.com

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