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Dating and Relationship Coaching

-Are you seeking healthy, meaningful and long-lasting relationships?
-Want to improve your dating life?
-Want help navigating the online dating world? (creating an authentic and impactful profile, increase communication/messaging effectiveness, figuring out what sites/apps to use, etc.)
-Perhaps wanting to strengthen relationships you already have?
-Maybe even wanting to discover, and explore more about yourself to put your best foot forward before you enter more relationships?

If so, I can help 😊

Dating and Relationships can seem scary, frustrating, overwhelming and draining at times (I'm here to help reduce and/or eliminate some of that for you). But they can also be fulfilling, joyful, and meaningful (which is also something I will help you to experience).
It can also be very hard and frustrating to move forward in life when you are not even sure of who YOU truly are. Together we can figure that out. I'm here to help in creating healthy relationships through consciousness and awareness. Here are some important areas I can help you gain a deeper understanding and clarity on.

•What specific qualities you are looking for in a person and why?
•The qualities you have. People often do not give themselves enough credit here, I help uncover the credit due 😊
•Identifying your core values and how they relate to your relationships
•Identifying the ways in which you like to show love to another person, which identifies how you like to receive love as well
•How you are showing up in life, and what you are attracting

How the process works: Schedule your Complimentary Exploration Session to start your journey! You can either contact me to schedule it or book it online! The session will be for 30 minutes 😊

Also offering: Online Dating Profile Optimization

(Maybe you are new to online dating and not sure how to start, you might not be getting quality matches or you might want to improve your profile content effectiveness and want help)

1 hour Intensive Profile Brainstorming Session (in person or via phone) which includes:

Going over the content of your online profile(s)

Brainstorm with what you are truly looking for

Figure out what to put on your profiles

Increase effectiveness of profile(s)

Reduce time spent on messages and/or dates with people that are not close matches

Attract more quality matches

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

--Mark Twain

For more information, please visit my website below.
Direct link to booking online appointments below.
If you have any questions just contact me. -Matt 😊

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