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College-Bound Athletes / Scholarship Applicants

What do these athletes have in common?
-- They are all Colorado High School State Champions in their respective divisions, Nine 1st Place and Eight 2nds by my count, including a three-timer.
-- They had each taken the ACT or SAT multiple times with small improvements.
-- After 16-20 hours of test prep coaching and another round of tests, all of them were accepted to major colleges with full or partial athletic scholarships!
-- All of them, determined to improve, raised their ACT scores 3-6 points after tutoring.
-- Reading scores improved by as much as 7 points.
-- Signing schools include Colorado School of Mines, CU-Boulder, CSU, Concordia University, and Oregon State.
-- These scholar / athletes absolutely rock! You have what it takes to be both in life, and the world needs you now more than ever!

     "When I first took my ACT I received an 18; then, after studying with Mark during parts of my junior and senior years, I improved my score by 6 points, earning a 24. This helped make it possible for me to continue my academic and athletic career at University of Northern Colorado.
-- Three-time Colorado HS State Champion Wrestler

     "Mark tutored our son over the summer between his junior and senior years. Our son retook his ACT, and dramatically made improvements in all subjects. After increasing his ACT scores he received many scholarship offers from several colleges. Our son will accept one of the scholarship offers and he will be playing college football next fall majoring in Communications. We will definitely hire Mark again to work with our younger student. We recommend Mark to anyone looking for an ACT/SAT tutor." -- Parents of a college bound quarterback

Don't wait until you're a senior!
By fall of your senior year, schools are less likely to keep average students on their scholarship radar, and it's a really bad time to start playing catch-up!

About me:
Retired from 20+ years of classroom and individual teaching in the metro area, my passion remains unchanged. First offered in 1998, my test prep sessions are adaptive and highly student-centered. I have found that using our time to teach unlearned math skills is generally a waste of time, but timed drills and mental math strategies usually result in more accurate answers in less time.

Confidence-building through repetition and immediate feedback from someone who knows the testing game makes a difference. I can't promise how much you will raise your scores or get that dream scholarship (ymmv); however, I can promise you will make progress and meet the next round of tests with higher esteem and less time pressure.

I work with Female, Diverse, Gifted, LD, and Performing Arts Champions, too!
No agencies. Resume, References, Limited number of openings, Limited travel area (see map)
Discounts are available along the Lowry / Stapleton corridor.

Thanks for reading.

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