medical caregiver ASAP right now (Arvada)

compensation: $500
employment type: contract
job title: medical caregiver ASAP right now
license preferred but flexible

References required. I will check them really quick.
For safety you will meet my father & I have dogs, so creeps need not apply.

Female applicants only.

Preferred cna or nurse certification. But not required. Overall nice person, patient, able to follow directions regarding unique health stuff, required.

Location roughly 100th and wadsworth. 80021.

Job description updated:

I made it to the ER and hospital back. LOL.

But in the future, I might need help with a caregiver being an advocate in an emergency room situation again. Honestly I wish I had someone during that trip, because it… didn’t go all that well. Ugh. My religious rights and patient consent rights got hella violated. Long story.

So now I’m looking for a more chronic caregiver.

I can get up a couple of times a day for things, but mostly I’m super dizzy and need help doing things.

I have small vessel disease blood clots in my brain and it makes me dizzy a lot. And anemia. And several autoimmune disorders.

Also I have executive dysfunction adhd yet currently cannot take medicine for it, and while I’m highly intelligent, trying to control my brain to do what I tell it to do, feels like trying to hold my feet on hot coals but also like, somehow physically difficult to maneuver inside my head. Brain damage is annoying. So help gathering and sorting my medical records and forming a medical malpractice lawsuit (for this latest visit and some past bullshit) would be another duty.

Other duties would involve daily help with tasks other people take for granted when you can stand and walk all you want, so basically: cooking, food prep, cleaning, laundry, medication prep, etc. pretty basic life stuff.

For example: my digestion sucks, and ideally my caregiver could help me make a smoothie (or two) full of a ton of nutrition supplements to get my nutrition up. (My digestion sucks.)
And then wash the blender. I cannot, because I’d faint by the time I did all that. Little tasks like that.

(And one of their job duties will include being available and willing to come along as an advocate, should any other emergency room visit need arise).
Your other job will be helping advocate for me in the emergency department. If you or a loved one has chronic illnesses, you’ll know the battle. Doctors must gaslight 90% of the time.

Hell even a female going to the emergency room, on average it takes 3 emergency room visits before the woman is diagnosed, including when she is having a stroke or heart attack. 3!!!!!
And 1 for a man.

Having an advocate there can cut this visit down to 1. You need to be good at being stubborn. You need to refuse to take “nothing is wrong” for an answer. Be a bitch if you have to be. Call a malpractice lawyer in front of them if they won’t run the right brain imaging and won’t let me talk to a neurologist . Etc.

Of course that’s all hypothetically assuming that we get a bad doctor. Maybe we get an actually nice doctor, and they listen, and the stubbornness isn’t necessary.

Pay is like… let’s say $23 an hour for an emergency room visit. This will take anywhere from 8 hours to 16 to maybe you stay overnight with me at the hospital emergency room. Etc. depends on the doctor. Just cash in pocket for now. Don’t need to report taxes for a one time job.

If I like your help and it goes well though, it could turn into a long term gig. Like 20 hours a week. At like $18-$25 an hour, I’ll have to do the math for budget later. The $23 isn’t an offer for always, I need to talk with my family about budget first.

Send me a quick text summary about you and your qualifications. Text. I will not be checking my email. Calling not preferred. For initial contact, at least. Talking later.

Preferably text. Talking out loud sort of hurts.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

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