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Opening for two siblings any age.
$264.00 a week for Full Time, M-F.
(willing to come to your home for a higher rate of compensation on payroll)

DROP OFF available between 5:45am-7:15a.m.

***PICK UP OR MEET by 4/4:30PM***
***Closed by 4:45P.M. ***

Daily fun and structured learning activities to keep your little ones happy and productive busy bees while you are away.

15+ years of experience with all ages, newborn - teen.
C.P.R. and First Aid Certified.

One on one individual attention given to children and their needs as well as group socializations in a positive and upbeat family oriented setting.
Potty Training and Reward Charts.
Dedicated playroom with sleeping arrangements for nap time, two playgrounds within walking distance, another 10 playgrounds, frequented trails and amazing open space within a two mile radius of my home. Library Trips for Story Time, and access to Indoor play gym once a week and for days that it's too cold, windy or rainy out or if we all just need to burn off some extra energy so that bed time is a breeze for parents at night, hahaha.

Communication is key and I have great co parenting skills with parents to ensure we are on the same page as to what is expected.

Monthly meal plan (with two options Daily for picky eaters)
Menu sent home in Parent Survey Packet at the start of care along with a Child Food Preference Sheet to list favorite and least favorite foods so I know specifically what to shop for. I send out a new one every 3-4 months seeing as taste buds change often as a kiddo.

Health Conscious Meals Including: A hot breakfast, lunch, Snacks (2-3 daily), Drinks, Arts/Crafts, Color Sheets/Worksheets, Field Trips all included in cost. Zoo trips once every 4-6 weeks. Yoga, Daily Affirmations, Birthday Parties, Dedicated playroom with accessible webcam for parents via cell phone app including two way speaker interactions. Dedicated, fully insured SUV equipped with age appropriate non expired car seats/boosters for up to 3-4 children at once on any given day.

~Serious inquiries only please~
Thanks for understanding.

***Interviewing Immediately so please be ready to do so asap within 2-3 days of initial email contact***

***Evenings after rush hour settles and weekends are the best time to set up a date and time to meet***

MUST be able to compensate cash at the start of each shift consistently the first week to hold your spot long term and to build Trust. After that I will be open to accepting a post dated check on a Monday for the following Friday.
Compensation is paid at the beginning of each week.
Paypal payments also excepted.
Don't forget to check the map first, Please.
80226, 80227, 80228, 80232, 80123, 80110, 80465.
  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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