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I have a commercial preschool concept that I write an advanced curriculum for. I have a non profit that pays partial tuition for all families that enroll in that preschool. I also train my own staff as well as other from around the state of Colorado.

My program promises to have 3 yr olds on a kindergarten math and reading level within 6 months and 4-year-olds between a 1st and 3rd grade level by the time they are ready for kindergarten!

I do not have kiddos of my own, I do this because I love to educate! I am doing the administrative functionings from my home office and am wanting to take one family. Your kiddo(s) will have extra care and attention which means they will be able to reach their full potential!

The weekly lesson plans are unique, month geography lessons that include lunch and snacks from each country. Meals are included and are healthy, yummy foods that you won't see in daycares! Everything is homemade and fresh. We take 1-2 field trips per month and coincide with weekly themes.

This is am educational experience that you will not find anywhere else and that's a promise! The kiddos are tested 4 times per year and we have parent/teacher conferences thereafter so everyone is on the same page.

If you're interested, please email with questions!
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