Housing/Room mate Post (Denver)

Hey, I am a server looking for a new place at the end of June or 1st of July this year. I am hoping for a spot around $900/m. I know things are generally more expensive in the area but I had some luck previously at a lower price with far less amenities. So I would like the clarify I do want a place where I can add furniture as I choose to and a place that has a normal kitchen so I can use an oven and disposal, etc. I am open to having a room mate around my age. I will expect you to answer some questions ensure my own safety before considering you as a room mate, as I'm sure you'd do the same.

I love hockey and horror. I love music and video games. I love playing with hair and cooking food. I am sober. I also love reading and writing. I love to relax and decompress after a long day of socializing, as my job requires a lot of social interaction and I need a few minutes to decompress once at home. I am not super loud but I might be noisy with the tv if you're really strict about knowing other people live in the house with you. I am open to all lifestyles and am not a control freak, but do not want to live in a party house. I do expect my belongings to be respected.

This is negotiable things but what I would find ideal. I would love a private room and a full kitchen and a kind and understanding room mate who tests high on empathy tests as I also do. I would like to be able to invite the occasional friend to be allowed over, am open to a room mate to share the chicken alfredo, zuppa toscana, or chili I enjoy making from scratch.

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