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Looking for players who would like to participate in a World of Warcraft Private server stationed at patch 3.3.5. This is a small server and we are going to be geared towards large raiding. We are currently working through Legacy raid content with almost a 25 man team! This is a friendly, drama free raiding environment with tons of fun! We are looking to build the ranks so that we can have push towards 25 mans through the content we have here and prepare to open a Cataclysm build.

We recently have just implemented a new system which allows players to purchase many items (recipes, materials, mounts, pets, custom titles) for just pretty much anything! We also just added transmog as well as updated our leveling system to a 5x experience boost. We also just added any class/any race combos and alliance/horde cooperation.

Unlimited Professions
Legacy Raids
Custom Races
Custom Currency to purchase usually unobtainable items

Looking for all players!
No prior WoW experience necessary

Email for questions or to join
Icelandstaff @ h o t m a i l . c o m
  • kontakt mig IKKE med uønskede tjenester eller tilbud

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