Akaushi A5 PRIME Beef Quarter Half Whole - $6 (Montrose)

The Circle of 2 Ranch located in Montrose Colorado is selling PRIME A5 Akaushi beef in quarters, half's or whole. The price per pound for hanging weight is $6.32. You will be responsible for the processing fee to Homestead processors located in Delta, CO. They are currently charging $1.32 for hanging weight.

About the Akaushi breed. In 1994, the Akaushi breed was brought to the United States from Japan. Not to be confused with Wagyu, which simple means Japanese cattle, Akaushi is a separate and distinct breed. The Akaushi breed started with the South Korean breed known as Hanwoo. Around 1870, the Devon breed was infused into the Hanwoo cattle and around 1910 Simmental was incorporated into the breed. Then around that same time, the breed was closed to any other outside genetics and the Akaushi breed was formed. To this day, Akaushi remains the same, closed herd for well over 100 years.

Akaushi beef naturally contains intense marbling. The fat found throughout the beef is responsible for the palatability of the beef, but it is actually the monounsaturated fat that is responsible for the flavor. As a result, Akaushi beef has a rich buttery flavor as well as juiciness and tenderness throughout. In addition to the high quality of the meat, Akaushi beef is known for its extraordinary healthy benefits. The American Heart Association notes that the beef can lower cholesterol, prevent coronary heart disease and aid in weight loss. And, it is a significant source of oleic acid - a compound found in olive oil.

The Circle of 2 Ranch is a proud member of the American Akaushi Association (AAA). All our cattle are registered with AAA and are FULL-BLOOD Akaushi. We currently have three bulls that are decendants of "Big Al" and would like to introduce you to them. We have on our ranch: Mac Daddy, Oden, and Taco Cat. Our Akaushi are born and raised on our ranch in Montrose on the Western Slope of Colorado. We steer our bulls and hand feed them twice a day a diet of grass and our special finishing blend. They are fed out for an impressive 300 days! They also have access to a free-flowing creek of fresh water that runs through the ranch. This guarantees a PRIME grading of A5 beef. They are handled daily and enjoy a relaxing, stress-free environment.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to indulge in Akaushi and impress your friends with a cook-out this summer of T-Bones and Ribeye's! We only have a limited quantity available, and the processing date is booked for June 14th. Please call Jerry at show contact info . Thank you!

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