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1543 Champa Street

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ansættelsestype: medarbejders valg
kompensation: $12-$16/hr after bonuses

Raise Money to Help Protect Equality!!

At Telefund we work every day to bring positive change to our country. We are an organization that does phone fundraising for progressive political and non-profit groups like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and the Sierra Club. Our goal is to help progressive groups like these raise the resources they need to hold elected officials accountable, build people power, educate the public and fend off threats to progress that has been made! We are hiring progressively-minded staff who are motivated to make a difference!

We are seeking candidates who are passionate about:
► Defending equality and our civil liberties to ensure that no one lives under threat of discrimination.

► Stopping the assault on reproductive rights and working to make sure everyone has access to critical healthcare.

► Pushing for common-sense gun safety legislation in as many states as possible.

► Ending environmental disastrous practices like fracking and defending our environment for generations to come.

Great For:

● Retirees

● Freelancers

● Teachers

● Actors and musicians

■ Very flexible schedule, 16-40 hours per week
■ Average pay is $12.00/hr; top callers earn $16/hr including bonuses
■ Fun work environment and a great team of people
■ Conveniently located in Downtown Denver

 What we're looking for:
■ Passion for the issues and a strong motivation to support progressive causes
■ Good communication skills
■ Prior phone experience or political experience is a plus, but isn't required

Or Call (303) 894-0456
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