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Commercial Shop Drawings not Residential

HVAC Shop Drawings is services were I take the existing Architect or Mechanical Engineers plans and make part out of all the duct work indicating heights levels were to hang the duct work. Then the duct work fabricator knows how to make all the parts that the installers will need to complete the job.

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Rates can very but I've done an average cost per sheet 475-925 (2D). Jobs that have been just "single line drawn" representing the duct will run high because I'll have to draw in each fitting and the duct. This price is for "shop drawings only"

I'm not an Engineer that can design your HVAC system. I can't stamp drawings. If you don't know the difference between HVAC Shop Drawings and Designing an HVAC system then please don't contact.

What I need to getting started

Be ready to provide me with some sort of media to see what is involved in your job - prints, PDF files, tiff files, cad files...something I can review to get an idea of what is needed for your job. You can call the Architect listed on your plans and ask him for the CAD files. Ceiling heights.

I've talked to so many HVAC contractors that say they have a hard time finding this service and it would make fabrication and installation go faster. HVAC Shop Drawings enables them to fabricate the duct work accurately saving them time and money. It also aids them in identifying all the pieces and were they fit in the field. In the end I provide you with an AutoCAD "As Built" drawings for the Architect. Ask your contractor and he will thank you for finding someone who can provide this service.

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