Slide Print or Negative Scanning. VHS transfer. $1.50 Fast Service. (Seven Hills Aurora)

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1. Commercial music Cassette tapes to MP3 or CD. $5.00 each - with no titles or $15.00 each with song titles.
2. VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Video-8, Mini-DV, Full DV tapes to MP4 video. $1.50 per 10 minutes of edited video.
3. Slides, Negatives, Prints Converted to MP4 file slide show. 18 cents per scan.

EXCLUSIVE service you get only from me:
As a free option, (if you agree), you get your own private website to monitor the progress of the project and cost. If the cost is going a bit over your budget then call me and tell me to stop. Your website will contain images of all scans for viewing before they are delivered. For video transfers I post the cost of each finished tape as I go along. If you prefer NOT to have a private website I'll not set it up for you.

Convert your old music cassette tapes to music CDs or MP3 files. $5.00 per tape. You will have to write the song titles on the CD. MP3 files will be named "Track 1.mp3, Track 2.mp3 etc. You can rename the MP3 files to the song titles if you like. $5.00 per cassette tape. $15.00 per tape if you want me to print song titles on the CD or name the MP3 files to match the song titles. Commercial tapes only. I don't work with home recorded tapes because the quality is normally so poor that it is difficult to get a good copy.

Also I can convert those old DVD movies you bought years ago to MP4 files so you can play them on any smart device. Contact me for special pricing on that type of work. Hey, it is not going to be HD quality like today's stuff. It will look exactly the same as it did when you played the DVD way back then.

SCANNING. Slides, Negatives, Prints Pay nothing up front.

For 18 cents per scan, (minimum charge is $15) I professionally scan:
Slides, prints and negatives - color or monochrome. Dirt spots and red-eye are removed. Faded colors are restored using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
Your HD JPEG images are returned to you on a data disc, which is included in the price of 18 cents per scan. I will also use any medium you provide such as memory card, USB thumb drive, external hard drive etc. If you want your scanned images put on a DVD to view as a slide show with background music just ask. $1 per DVD.
Because I work alone out of my home your total privacy is assured and guaranteed.
I do not share your name, email, phone number or any personal information with anyone in any way whatsoever. If you call, you talk to me - not a computer.

TAPE TRANSFER, VHS, VHS-C, DV, MiniDV, VIDEO 8 and HI8 tape. Pay nothing up front.

I professionally transfer home video tapes to MP4 files. I charge $1.50 per 10 minutes of the edited tape. That's $9 per hour of edited video. No payment required until the job is finished. MINIMUM ORDER IS $15.00. I can transfer all VHS, VHS-C, DV, MiniDV, Video 8 and Hi8 tapes.
What does "edited tape" mean. That means if you have a two-hour tape but only the first 20 minutes has home video then you get charged for 20 minutes, not two hours. Or if you put the camera back in the bag while still running you don't get charged for that bad section of tape. Also, quite often when you take a tape out of the camera and put it back in there is a blank spot there. If I see that blank spot, I'll delete it for you. I try very hard to remove all the blank spots but I do not guarantee that I will get all of them. I don't miss many.

DO consider that home movie tapes are very low resolution and the result of the transfer will be disappointing to you if your expectations are unreasonable. Remember that you are recovering memories and overlook the low resolution of the video.

Here is a detailed explanation of charges using 10 tapes converted to file.
Tape: Time:
Total: 7:40:00 (Each unit is 10 minutes so 7 hrs 40 min is 46 units)

At $1.50 per unit, you pay only $69 and get the video you want. Some places charge you $15 per tape which would be $150 for this example of 10 tapes. Each day I will post the progress of the work and total cost to date on a web site that only you know about. That way you can see how it is going well before the job is completed.

You supply a USB external storage device for the MP4 files. If you like, I will buy one for you, provide you with the receipt and original packing and charge exactly what I pay. A 1 terabit drive is about $60.00 or you can go with less expensive USB thumb drives. If you want your MP4 files on a data DVD I charge $1 per DVD.

If you want a video DVD that can be viewed on a DVD player I charge $1 per DVD for that.

Thank you,
Fes Cannady
Please call (or text): 303 217-1279

NOTE: I have so many repeat customers and referral business that I might stop listing on Craigslist to save $5 per month so write down my phone number in case you are not ready now but might have work for me in the future.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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