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Do you need ANY KIND of body work done on your vehicle ?
If you do, let me STRONGLY advise you to STAY AWAY from THE BODY SHOP located at 702 S. Monaco Pkwy in Denver.
And here's why ....
I needed to have a cracked rear bumper replaced, so I looked around for a body repair shop. I found this shop on line, and thinking one body shop is just as good as another, I took my vehicle to them to do the work. I was told they would have to order the bumper from their source in Texas, and that it should arrive the next day. The next day, I went back, left my vehicle with them while I went to get something to eat. Finishing up, I went back to pay them; pick up my vehicle and conclude this business, when I saw that they had installed a bumper that was a DIFFERENT COLOR ! Nothing was said to me about this - no explanation ! NOT A WORD !!!!
I was given the key to the vehicle and found that I could not open the door with either the key or the fob. And after some words, I was told that the lock mechanism was broken, and that nobody knows anything about it. Some clown behind the counter insinuated that I brought them the vehicle with the door lock already broken, and that they would not do anything about it. I gave them my vehicle with everything in good working order, and I got it back WITH A BROKEN DOOR LOCK ! and a DIFFERENT COLOR BUMPER ! I was told that all the employees and techs that worked there were good, honest people and would have no good reason to lie. Oh no ??!! How about lying to save their job, huh??? That would be a good reason, don't you think ? Well, I had to go 'round and 'round with these people, and when I told them that I would see them in court, they then told me that they would fix the door lock with no charge to me. So again, they would have to order the necessary part(s) that should come in the next day. And again I had to make another trip. (The job was paid for, in full with a check from the insurance company.) So I did. I went back the next day and they fixed the door lock. I'm a retired senior now with 50 years management experience in the sales/service business, so I know something about customer service. And it is my opinion that these people don't have a clue when it comes to pleasing their customers. You would think they would give the customer the benefit of the doubt, especially when they weren't sure who was responsible, and the fact that this part was not expensive. Not only that, but they sure as hell do not know how to smile. Having spent about 2 hours in their waiting area, I observed that nobody in the place smiled. So I'm thinking this must be a stressful place to work. The employees were coming and going with paper work, back and forth between the bays and the counter, all speaking in another language. Finally, as I was about to drive off, there were 4 of them, all standing around talking in another language, all looking at me like I was a bad man. Yep. I was getting a whole bunch of contemptuous looks. Especially from this girl, who seemed to be the boss. Her name ? Alexandria. She above all, does not know anything about customer service. NOTHING ! All she knows is how to take your money ! I think she needs to be re-trained or let go. What a sorry bunch this is !!! I've contacted the BBB with my complaint, who advised me that they would forward it to them. I want them to know that while there's not much more I can do, I can certainly use the the social media to warn others about the shoddy work and pissy attitudes that they can expect to find when they deal with this bunch.
So once again, my advice to anyone who is looking for a body shop, would be to STAY AWAY FROM THE BODY SHOP on Monaco.
A disappointed customer with a lousy taste in his mouth ~

It's my hope that someone from that sorry outfit will read this entry -
(which I will be re-posting often . . .) so that perhaps they will think twice before they try to screw over a paying customer !

Here's a reply from someone who has also dealt with these jerks :


Say no more,.....They are nothing less than a SORRY ASS group of ARROGANT, ELITIST,
SELF ENTITLED Russian PEASANTS!! ZERO personality, not friendly at all, GREEDY

They never would work on one of my cars.....ever!! I would never allow it!
I was involved with them as a vendor, I have hung out with them in the shop drinking beers etc,
They buy the cheapest of everything (Paint, clear etc, chemicals, detail name it)
then charge huge amounts for TOTAL SUBSTANDARD WORK!!! Dirt/hair left in the clear coat, runs, not enough base coat laid down, huge orange peel in the clear, a lot of the time they never clean up the car after their shitty paint is applied,...ive been to many shops in and around Denver,
and ill tell you what,...think of the worst scumbag, rip off, clip joint, fuck you in your face shop that has ever existed in Denver, or any where else,....and "The body shop" is MAGNATUDES WORSE!

No kidding! If you want the worst prep,....the worst paint quality (materials) , and the most appallingly bad job you ever saw, and they will fight to make you pay for it,....go to "the body shop"!!

I kid you not,....if you yourself were to paint your car in a dirt field in high winds, this is what you will get from them...I cant believe they are even operating today.

Again I was a materials vendor to them, the way they treated us, not to mention their customers,
I will always feel justified to never be connected to them again. "we" dropped their account.

Stay away, starve them out,.....its the right thing to do.

So like I'm suggesting to you, if you are looking for a body shop,
STAY AWAY FROM "The Body Shop" located at 702 SO. Monaco Parkway in Denver.
Let our experiences, both the materials vendor and myself, be a warning shot over their bow . . .

Please pass this on . . .

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