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If you have a tax problem I have a solution! Consult with former IRS Revenue Officer/MPA. Twenty years combined experience in the public and private sectors resolving tax issues. A full service tax company. Unfiled returns, business and individual. Collection/Audit assistance. Tax liens, garnishments and "Offers". Will the IRS really settle for less? LEARN ABOUT THE NEW IRS, "FRESH START INITIATIVES". Beware of tax firms claiming they can settle your tax debt for far less than what is owed. While this may be true in limited situations, you must first meet a specific criteria. Get the facts and know your rights at reasonable rates! Accounting and bookeeping services. Payroll tax problems, business start up and closure advice. Bancruptcy and taxes? Want to get back in the system and need someone on your side with the knowledge and experience, to make a real difference? Take control by being proactive! For immediate peace of mind call 303-665-3610. web - Free intial consultation.

*It's doing business with honesty, loyalty and integrity
*It's taking a simple straight forward approach
*It's providing a superior service
*It's holding oneself to a higher standard
*It's having fun and being proud of what I do
*It's not about making a mistake but making it right
*It's about giving our customers peace of mind.
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