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I am filming a relatively serious short to be entered into most of the major festivals. Our crew have won multiple awards including two from cannes last year. Our script is adapted from a working novel set to be released before our film about a girl coming to terms with her sexuality in an very commercialized and hyper-sexualized society.

This part does pay. Depending on how much money we raise there could be more - we currently have at least $5000 set aside for the lead. And $2000 for the 4 supporting roles.

It will be a 20 day shoot in and around denver/denver metro. Dates TBD.

We want a new face for the lead and for both parts still needing cast you must be ok with SOME nudity. It will be mostly tasteful, implied nudity but there will be two scenes - one that will he pretty sexual in which breasts will be exposed and another where (breifly) full frontal will be necessary. There will be some implied nudity as well but we have means of cover-up for any of those shots. The crew is mostly female and one of the number one rules for us all is: respect comes first.

The two parts:
Macie - 18-25yr old / white / female - this is the lead part - an outgoing but conservative female coming to grips with her sexuality in different settings with different types of pressures and learning what she actually wants.

Jessica - 18-32 yr old - white - female - lead's 'hot' older sister who uses her sexuality to manipulate and get anything and everything she wants.

In order to audition: please send a headshot and 'resume' (acting experience and a little about yourself).

The audition will either include a moment of breif nudity (full for macie - just breasts in a thong for jessica) OR should you feel more comfortable you can include pictures with your submission. These will be screened for body type by a FEMALE ONLY and will be destroyed afterward.

Please send all submissions to Stephanie @ sfarley2351 %at% - include a good daytime/evening phone number for callbacks. Send any questions to stephanie at the number listed.
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