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Yelp reviews say it all. This guy has been scamming people from Cali, to North Carolina, Florida, and now in Colorado again. Don't hire this guy if you value your money or your vehicle.

Wynn Hobdy is an absolute SCAM. RUN. He will do shoddy work and for money up front and leave you hanging. He and his wife are drifters full of sad stories about how they have been wronged by the universe when in reality it is Karma doing it's job. Don't buy into their G-D fearing act. It's all an act to entice you into spending money on a job they will never finish.

Should have done my homework before hiring Wynn because it was a complete lose!! He spoke with my husband all week about what parts we needed to order for our truck. He arrived started working and started telling my husband he needed to order more parts. So obviously parts take some time to get here so he would have to come back. He asked my husband to pay him in full $500 (he said it wouldnt be more than that and told my husband today that it's more work than he thought) and then would return once parts arrived. My husband told him he would only pay him $100 for the days work. He didn't like it but accepted. Oh and we had also paid him $100 for the time he came out to diagnose ($75 charge but gave another $25 and told him to put toward total labor bill) So we have given him a total of $220 ($20 for a part he said he would Pick up). All of a sudden he was gone. Left out all tools and left a complete mess with oil on our driveway. My husband text Wynn and no response. I agree with above review that he is unprofessional and most definitely a thief. Beware!!!!! I even told him I could market him for more business if all was good. Well guess what, I will market him for being just the opposite.

The owner Wynn of Mobile 2U Mechanic Service is unreliable, unprofessional and a thief. Beware!! He was paid in full and was to come back to my home to finish work and has not. He continues to ignore his responsibility. Scam Mobile Mechanic business and owner.

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