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I'm want to make a living playing live. I'm serious. I miss lugging around amps. I miss drinking with the late-stayers after the show. But most of all, I miss the thrill of hearing the guitarist practice a new riff and immediately having a vocal melody pop into my head, and then realizing that the bassist is already picking out the bottom end...and the guy playing a simple riff hasn't realized yet that a song is being written all around him.
That's what it's all about.
I'm not looking for half-assers with talent. All in, or go home.
I've done this before, and while I'm not a tech wiz or a classically trained vocalist, I can sing anything and do whatever it takes to make a song right.
I'd like to start by finding the bassist. I've always loved rock and roll written from the bassist's perspective (Faith No More, RHCP, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Cliff Burton-era Mettalica).
I'm not looking to make "White-boy funk", but having a funk and groove influence is great.
The other influences I'm looking for:
The forward-leaning aggressive sonic posture of The Hives. The compositional quality of early Metallica. The eclectic groove of Faith No More. The unselfconscious blurring of genre lines like the Arctic Monkeys. And most importantly...the attitude of "Appetite for Destruction."
Even though I'm looking for the bassist first, if you play another instrument and you're reading this and thinking that this is for you, don't hesitate to contact me. This is a process of chemistry. You never know who's gonna become a major part of the music.
I'm picky about certain things:
Talent, you either have it or you don't. Work ethic, lazy people make 2nd rate music. Flexibility, or another way to put it: the most important ability is availability. Chemistry, either we have it or not, and you never know until you try. And self control, it goes without saying, junkies or fall-down drunks. I like to have a good time, and making music goes well with "additives", but there's a big difference between enjoying your third eye, and OD'ing on the tour bus.
I'm open to any instruments and styles. I'd like to find a true multi-instrumentalist who knows how to blend disparate sounds into a greater whole.
I would like to find a few metal musicians who, like myself, want to make something that doesn't always have to be hard, but can be when called for.
About me: born in Memphis, raised in the north Mississippi delta...and I sound like it. I sprang from the same soil that rock and roll grew from. My voice has been compared favorably to Animals singer Eric Burdon, by Burdon himself, lol. But that's a story for another time.
This will take time. I'm not planning on booking shows until the music and its presentation is spot-on.
Things that don't matter: your gender, age, identity, orientation, race, religion, looks, accent, or fashion sense.
I'm a Leftist, so no fascist bootlickers, or fans of Ayn Rand.
I'm a Paegan and I live by the belief that your existence is as unimportant as mine, so we might as well enjoy ourselves :)
Text me and we'll get together, and see if there's some chemistry.
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