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Connect with Dedicated Tennis Players in Denver to play both competitively and for recreation!

Non-Competitive Tennis Partner Program is always open for you to join
- Partner Program:

League Play:
Winter Season - Nov. 28th to March 10th
Our long Winter Season is back. We do NOT have any special deals with tennis clubs but players will report back to us what the deals are. A fraction of the matches will be played outdoors, but players should expect large costs to reserve indoor court time. Also players will join who have memberships at other clubs. 4 super long months where it's best to play before New Years because the courts are more available.

Doubles Leagues:
Will be back in Spring 2019

Single Elimination Tourney with a consolation bracket
Will be back in Spring 2019

To join any of our programs just go here:

We have players currently playing throughout Denver -

13 years of experience connecting players on the tennis courts and 221,000+ matches played nationwide
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