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national academy of sciences (evolved)

Re: american conservatives vs fascists (evolved into a homo) (I sure get tired of ...)

american conservatives vs fascists (evolved)


Re: American conservatives vs fascists (evolved) (evolved into a homo is a moron) pic

American conservatives vs fascists (evolved)

Re:3 Just who is this "PBL" & "RM" (Gay Perverted RRW Troll) pic map

Re: pet rats (So you're saying...) pic

RE:Remember when liar sean insanity said (VOTER WITH A MEMORY) map

Gallup: GOP More Popular Than Democrats for 1st Time in 3 Years map

List of global warming predictions. Out of 150, zero came true! (Bad Religion) pic

Liberalism Is The Cause Of Violence By 'Black Thugs' pic

Michael Brown/Ferguson Riots Proof of Failure of Liberalism pic

Name Killer Storms After Polluting Rectumlickums (Spew, Rectum, Spew) pic

Shocking comments from the Arab League of Nations (Denver)

re: Libs, why are you always mean and angry? - pic

Denver Parking Meters...a scam? (denver area) map

re: RE:re: Mr. President (USA) (Denver) (Simple Minded )

RE:re: Mr. President (USA) (Denver)

re: Just who is this "PBL" and "RM"?

The CL Reich Wing Internet Troll Has (Got Some Serious Mental/Emotional Issues) pic map

Re:Mike Brown (aka Nigga Thug Made Good) pic map

First Lady Depressed pic

Mike Brown (aka 'Nigga Thug Made Good') pic

Re:3 Liberals & Conservatives re:Michael Brown pic map

Petition to Amtrak: Restore Service

Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness pic

The Biggest Losers in this Election pic

Republican Landslide!!

Re:Re: Liberals and Conservatives re:Michael Brown (Guess I'll have to rephrase the question) pic

re Idiot democrats threw billions to the banksters (no oversight) map

Re:Liberals and Conservatives re:Michael Brown pic map

Michael Brown/ Ferguson (Black Forest Bunker)

People are Racist Cause They Are Too Stupid (hide behind your computer asshole)

When Idiotrepublicans Threw Billions At the Banksters.... (there was no oversight)

Violent blacks at it again (Highlands Ranch) pic

Monitor Lizard pic

Kkkonservative mommy, what is a Rectuglican?

Where is that "reich wing troll"? You ask? (A long-winded saga, to be sure) pic

John Birch Society and the Tea Party Same Same pic

Help us win the war on Blacks (Vote Tea Party Republican) pic map

re: What Happens With Liberals In Charge (Rectumlickums will copy the Alpha Males) pic

Stains burn and loot Ferguson (It's what Libs do) pic

What Happens With Liberals In Charge (Of A Bull Market) pic

A tale of two leftists (dumb drones) pic

Lying scientists

Re; DEAR MR. PRESIDNT : (U.S.A.)...Learn how to spell, IDIOT. (Typical Stupid Liberal) pic

If the global warming fantasy was real, why did unethical scientists (HAVE to lie?) pic

Remember.... (Voter with a memory) pic map

Palen Thought She Was Impressing Veterans (till one call her an IDIOT!)

Where be all that rethublicanismimukim gloabals warmings??? (PBL, I being dazed, confusued and gay) pic

Where is that reich wing sociopathic troll? pic map

It's A Party (And They Will Cry If They Want Too) pic

Republican Global Burning Causing Bizarre Weather Patterns pic

Anarchy (Littleton) pic

I cant wait for that global warming! (Colorado) pic map

re Help wake up obama and the DOJ map

Hey Shit Stains, there's no global warming in Guyana. pic


re:2The people wont believe you.Hahah.Why don't you leave the country pic

re;The people wont believe you.Hahah..Why don't you leave the country? pic

Obamacare Sign-Ups Were Inflated With Dental Plans map

lost boys pic

Lazy KKKonservatives won't do their job. pic

Poor New York

Re: Obola Ends Ebola! He's so freaking COOL! (THE GUY IS AMAZING) (We know PBL, we know...) pic

Americans Believe Obama Is Worse Than Bush map

Something Very Important..

Q: What is a Rectumlickum?

Evergreen Tea Party Holds American Freedom Party Event (how stupid can they be?)

Republican-Led States Only States to Lose Jobs (Voter With A Memory) pic

Libscum love America (Just watch how much they do) pic

Re: Whacked Out Rectumlickum (Freedom Loving American) (You're a riot Pussy Boy, a real riot!)

Record cold in Europes is the fault of Rkktilkinkn global burning! (PBL, spraying and spooning) pic

Whacked Out Rectumlickum (Freedom Loving American) pic


Rktklkkilkns don't understands science! (PBL, squirming and cooing) pic


Jamie Dimon Wouldn't Thrive In Prison (so he will never go)

re idiot truck driver (reality)

RE: Illegal Pete's

President Stompy Feet-irrelevant and hating it (never never land) pic

re anarchy

Federal judge overturns ban on same sex marriage in South Carolina (Brian Griffin) pic map

RE: PBL at 10 years old. Mommy, what's a LibStain? (never never land) pic map

Re;Anarchy pic map

Anarchy (Littleton) pic

re; PBL at 10 years old. Mommy, what's a LibStain?

Don't get angry, the indoctrinated liberal serial poster is (schizophrenic)

Why Are We Libs Obsessed With Other Peoples ASSHOLES? (PBL, obsessed with assholes) pic

Illegal Petes (not in your food)

a pipe runs through it (NIMBY) map

Only it's not Republicans you liar, it's just you the angry gay guy (who talks about rectums all day )

Arbitrary Arrest & Detaint

turd avenger and his stupidity

DUI & kill someone, get ONLY 12 years (denver)

2 White Men open fire on a black family's home (never never land) pic map

Re: Monitor lizard

HEY, who was that Gruber guy calling stupid anyway? (never never land) pic

Disfunction in Washing DC caused by Republican Billionaires. (Plain and Simple!)

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