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posted fri aug 29

Aug 29 You gotta love the Denver CL RIGHT WING TROLL pic map

Aug 29 Re:Destroys the 1%!!!? (Log Cabin Republican) pic map


Aug 29 When Romney Stole the American Steelworkers Pensions Why Did You Vote (For Him?)

Aug 29 re: "Flip Flop" I CAN lyin ryan flip flops on makers/takers lie (Rectumlickers, the party of flip floppin) pic

Aug 29 Re:I'd Like To Invite You All To The Log Cabin pic map

posted thu aug 28

Aug 28 Still waiting................................. (Lone Brain Cell) pic

Aug 28 bozo says " No plan for Syria yet."

Aug 28 Raping a Twelve Year Old? Is it Really Rape or consensual ? (ask a lying republican)

Aug 28 John Lickmypooper "I'm for the death penalty." (Lying Asshole)

Aug 28 Conservative beheads American journalist (republican or taliban?) pic

Aug 28 Furious GOOP claims President Barack Obama is eating 3 meals a day! (no way to treat a president!)

Aug 28 Race and Racism. Let's talk. map

posted wed aug 27

Aug 27 Haute Hillary expects royal treatment map

Aug 27 re: I can't waits for James (R)eagan Holmes!!! (Another right wing gun freak) pic

Aug 27 Where are the REAL conservatives? pic

Aug 27 Another right-wing hero bites the dust

posted tue aug 26

Aug 26 re: Re: Imagine a Burger King Job with (Higher Wages?) (Didn't realize pic

Aug 26 Open Letter to Muslim Americans (America)

Aug 26 Re: Imagine a Burger King Job with (Higher Wages?) (Didn't realize PBL that...) pic

Aug 26 RE:3 Do not eat... map

Aug 26 (You're dictated by your feeeeeelings PBL) (Canadian Dick Tater) pic

Aug 26 RE2: Do not eat... BURGER KING = TAX CHEATS pic

Aug 26 RE: Do not eat...

Aug 26 DO NOT Eat At Burger King (They Are Tax Cheats) pic

Aug 26 Re: Lickmypooper (He's entitled to lie)

Aug 26 Hickenlooper

posted mon aug 25

Aug 25 RE: Re:Don't feed the Teabagger Trash Mouth Trolls!

Aug 25 RE: Re:Don't feed the Teabagger Trash Mouth Trolls! (Come on fellow Stains) pic

Aug 25 RE2: Re:Don't feed the Teabagger Trash Mouth Trolls! (Liberal Avenger) pic

Aug 25 I just perused the Politics board

Aug 25 Cory Gardner "My health insurance was cancelled" (Lying Asshole)

Aug 25 Republicans WHORING IT UP for more Billionaire Greed In Colorado Folks

Aug 25 Michael Brown was a "gentle soul," his parents claim

Aug 25 Koch Brothers' Secrets Revealed In New Book

Aug 25 I Love My Job (I Work For Insurance Companies) pic

Aug 25 Ha! Ha! Flagger Gunna Flag (We Know What Pissis Off Your Teabaggs ) pic

posted sun aug 24

Aug 24 What you will NEVER see a liberal male do: Posting odd images on C/L (Liberal Avenger) pic

Aug 24 RE:Blacks Waging Race War on Whites - Black Anger, Envy, Violence, Lie (Food for thought;if you can handle it.) pic

posted sat aug 23


Aug 23 I Love My Job (I Make The Law) pic

Aug 23 Dog or car travel kennel pet carrier $40 for pets under 24 pounds (nw arvada westminster) pic map

Aug 23 RE: The penis on FOX Denver was aired DELIBERATELY (No, that's REALLY fucked up!) pic

Aug 23 Gay Avenger planted a tree to fight fake Global Burning (Gay Avenger) (You planted something alright) pic

Aug 23 STILL no intelligent conservative post... (Liberal Avenger) pic

Aug 23 RE:Craigslist being sued over false "politics" section pic

Aug 23 Re: Whacked Out Governor (Colorado) pic map

posted fri aug 22

Aug 22 re: Yes, CL Politics is EXCEEDINGLY STUPID pic

Aug 22 Yes, CL Politics is EXCEEDINGLY STUPID (it will NEVER change)

Aug 22 Re: I just perused the Politics board (And they're all libtards)

Aug 22 RE: Poll: Americans Want GOP in Charge of Congress pic

Aug 22 RE: Americans really wish they had elected Mitt Romney instead of Obam pic

Aug 22 Obama MUCH more popular than rectumlicker congress pic

Aug 22 Americans really wish they had elected Mitt Romney instead of Obama map

Aug 22 Melting Pot (No Soup For You) pic

Aug 22 Dear Mom map

Aug 22 Daddy And Son Go To Work Day (Across The USA) pic

posted thu aug 21

Aug 21 I sure do miss boarding school pic map

Aug 21 Rectumlickum lying about "The Democrat Hall Of Fame Of Lies" (Trickle down isn't even a trickle) pic

Aug 21 Liberal scum punch and call Jewish student at Temple (Stains are so tolerant) pic

Aug 21 re: ★★ Protect Our People! (Like most bad things....) pic

Aug 21 ★★ Protect Our People!

Aug 21 More gay fantasies from Rectum the KKKonservative (Rectum: Bat Shit Crazy) pic

Aug 21 Horseracing, Gambling & State Revenue

Aug 21 re2 Most brain dead cultist would vote for the GOP because of obama (WRONG AGAIN, CULT BOY) pic

Aug 21 re Most brain dead cultist would vote for the GOP because of obama map

Aug 21 one thing DemocRATS are good at: Exposing known liars like breitbart (If it's lying, its conservative!) pic

Aug 21 Reee: Re:Re: Remember when (Don't go full retard) pic

Aug 21 Reeeee: Re Remembers when??? (Oops, you're wrong again) pic

Aug 21 Re Remembers when??? (Think Again)

Aug 21 re: You know what? (J Kemp) RECTUMLICKERS ARE THE AMERICAN TALIBAN (Just the Facts) pic

Aug 21 republicans can stick their advice to women up their fat asses! (stupid old white men)

posted wed aug 20

Aug 20 You know what? (J Kemp) pic

Aug 20 Rectum supports abortion even in.... (Red State Vet) pic

Aug 20 Keep spewing, Rectum, keep spewing! (Liberal Avenger) pic

Aug 20 Question for the Liberally Gay Avenger (Why?) (Liberally Gay Avenger) (You're a riot as usual gay one) pic

Aug 20 We cultists at "the blaze" isn't racist pic

Aug 20 Oh look more Otard voters who need putting down (Glock) pic

Aug 20 Question for the Liberal Avenger (Why?) (Liberal Avenger) pic

posted tue aug 19

Aug 19 Question for the Liberally Gay Avenger (Why?) pic

Aug 19 Re: Rectum lickers can dish it you, but whine like little bitch boys w (PBL whining and pissing his diaper again) pic

Aug 19 re: Idiots In America (Party Of Idiots) pic

Aug 19 Rectum lickers can dish it you, but whine like little bitch boys when (THEIR CORRUPTION IS EXPOSED) pic


Aug 19 Rectum lickers and Perry: Cultists are only interested in corruption (When it doesn't exist) pic

Aug 19 Remembers when??? (PBL dripping with amnesia) (Dumbass Libfags) (Hey PBL, did you get your feeeeeeeeeelings hurt again?) pic

Aug 19 Democrats Must Denounce Rick Perry Indictment?? pic

Aug 19 Me and Retired Milifairy are backs from the bakery (PBL posting, hating and throbbing) pic

Aug 19 Sorry, Goober, Rectum Lickers ruined congress (Just the Facts) pic

Aug 19 re: you don't want to piss us blacks off man. (Brandon da black man) (WHO CARES)

Aug 19 Dem lead congress wost ever!! (Dumb drones) pic

posted mon aug 18

Aug 18 re: Kory G

Aug 18 Kory G. is using the young as whores for votes. Billionaire Rep laugh! (Between Hell and Wall Street. )

Aug 18 Little Ronald Rectum, spewing away. (Making Brown Scented Conservative "Love Jelly") pic

posted sun aug 17

Aug 17 republicans Love Everyone Who Hates Obama (simple, STUPID!)

Aug 17 ATTN; leftist ass ranger (Killer Clown) pic

Aug 17 Remember When (Red State Vet) pic

Aug 17 Poor little Rectum, posting all day, (Poor little rectum, nothing to (Posting to yourself again Pussy Boy?) pic

Aug 17 It's that simple and that stupid.

Aug 17 Rick Perry is just another republican nutsack. (texas SUCKS!)

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