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posted fri sep 12

Sep 12 How's that bush doctrine working out? (ANOTHER epic rectumlicker failure.) pic

Sep 12 Laughing pic

Sep 12 Most gay sex scandals and almost all pedophilia = republican. (FACTS ARE LIBERAL) pic map

Sep 12 So much for that global warming theory, huh libs? pic map

Sep 12 Bush warned obama about leaving Iraq too soon pic map

Sep 12 Bush War Crimes Created ISIL (thank republicans)


Sep 12 Crazed cultist bragging about owning a rectum.?.?.? (Now THAT'S republican) pic

posted thu sep 11

Sep 11 Bat Shit Crazy cultservaturd is a typical conservative. (He's EVERY KKKultservaturd) pic

Sep 11 no terrorists on us soil

Sep 11 Click your heals together three times and warming is real

Sep 11 "We never had any beheadings under Bush."

Sep 11 RE:RE:Hillary wants to wait until after the new year pic

Sep 11 hotest may in recorded history

Sep 11 Hey, Pedophile Butt Licker the Lying Rectumlickum pic

posted wed sep 10

Sep 10 Rectumlickums Licking rectums, dripping with romnesia (The cultists are just filthy) pic

Sep 10 Rectumlicking causes romnesia among rectumlickums (romnesia, a STD that started at C-PAC) pic

Sep 10 Okay, all you brighter than bright

Sep 10 re The No Plan

Sep 10 Campaign Volunteer Coordinator (Denver )

Sep 10 RE:Kory G. = Greed = Chamber of Commerce = map

Sep 10 Kory G. = Greed = Chamber of Commerce = Big Oil = Coruption = Banard =

Sep 10 Glad YOU Brought it up (bad House bills)

Sep 10 Name One Bill Passed by Republicans that helped Americans (You can't)

Sep 10 700,000 INJURED VETERANS FROM THE STUPID REPUBLICAN WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (start another one morons)

Sep 10 frightened little republicscum Kill Progressive Talk in Denver (frightened little idiots)

Sep 10 Idiot "Brain Free" Can't Comprehend Anything!

Sep 10 Golf, Rectum? (PBL, I forgots this fact tooo!) ) pic

posted tue sep 9

Sep 9 RE: Still waiting................................. (Lone Tree) pic

Sep 9 Obama best economic president of modern times! (Forbes Magazine) pic

Sep 9 Golf, Rectum? (More rectumlicker smearing!) pic

Sep 9 Still waiting................................. (Lone Tree) map

Sep 9 The food stamp president.... (Lone Tree) map

posted mon sep 8

Sep 8 Illegals to Lickmypooper "Do what we tell you or else (You don't get our illegal vote") pic

Sep 8 Proof that Obama is helping terrorists against US map

posted sun sep 7

Sep 7 Re: MY HEAD IS SPINNING........

Sep 7 Re: IT MAKES PUSSY BOY'S HEAD SPIN (Remember when?) pic

Sep 7 Poor Little Pussy Boy Lib, Flagging Away (His feeeeelings are injured) pic

Sep 7 Republican Vs Democrat map

Sep 7 Pelosi congress wost ever!! (dumb drones) pic

Sep 7 Poor Little Pedophile Butt Licker, 2 new verses pic

Sep 7 More Issues for the Tea Bagger Trolls to Ignore pic

posted sat sep 6

Sep 6 Re:4 Poor Little Pussy Boy Lib, Flagging Away (Two more verses)

Sep 6 Yes, Pedophile Butt Licker "forgot" the facts!!! (Stupid RectumlicKKKum lying troll) pic

Sep 6 Attn: PBL (killer clown) pic

Sep 6 Re: Re: Poor Little Pussy Boy Lib, Flagging Away (Let's continue the poem)

Sep 6 935 lies of George W. Bush

Sep 6 Imagine a Burger King Job with (Higher Wages?)

Sep 6 Owsley County Kentucky (Thanks Mitch!)

posted fri sep 5

Sep 5 Kory G. is full of Natural Gas creating his wind power politics ; ) (Korys sails full of farts!)

Sep 5 John Rush 560 am is a big fat LIAR (And no way to confront him!)

Sep 5 Please help. My son is being wrongfully imprisoned in Mexico pic

Sep 5 Hillary wants to wait until after the new year

Sep 5 Calling All Voters Sick And Tired of the BS (denver colorado) pic

Sep 5 The Malignant Narcissist (never never land) pic map

posted thu sep 4

Sep 4 End Corp Welfare! Especially for rich, white elites! (PBL, give it to me) pic

Sep 4 Poor Little Pussy Boy Lib, Flagging Away (Neville HuStain Golftard Corruption) pic

Sep 4 Poor Little Rectum, Flagging Away (Rick Perry Corruption) pic

Sep 4 Republicans are in love (USA) pic

Sep 4 Hey Rectum Lickers! Yeah, you! (Never Never Land) pic

Sep 4 Climate Change. Man-Made (Littleton) map

posted wed sep 3

Sep 3 Truthful? You be the judge... pic

Sep 3 Indoctrinated? You be the judge...

Sep 3 When Ronald Rectum gets OWNED, he pouts by flagging (Rectum's butt is global burning) pic

Sep 3 Otard's new name... pic

Sep 3 If global warming is real, why did the pseudo-scientists have to lie, (and cook the books?)

Sep 3 Re: 'What a shock', you blithering idiot. How can you blame liberals ( (Not too bright are you dumb ass?) pic

Sep 3 This is out of place here.

Sep 3 Remembers when? Part III (PBC, throbbing with romnesia) (Ronald Rectum Continues Spewing) pic

Sep 3 LIBprogs up to damage control map

Sep 3 Poor little Rectum, posting all day, (Poor little rectum, nothing to say) pic

posted tue sep 2

Sep 2 HeY KoRy G. We don't wear flipflops in Nov snow fool! (Between Republican Greed & Election Loss)

Sep 2 Help Ukrainan heroes!!!! (denver metro area) map

Sep 2 Bush Was A Fun Guy to Snort Cocaine With (he stole the presidency)

Sep 2 obama after latest beheading "i will now beheading to the golf course" map

Sep 2 Re: Conservative beheads American journalist (republican or taliban?) (You're a riot PBLinsky) pic

Sep 2 2nd jounalist beheading. Guess what Golftard-in-Chief is going to do? (He's going to...) pic

Sep 2 /////******* HELP REFUGEE ****** (denver colorado)

Sep 2 I Love To Be Taken Advantage Of By Greedy Selfish Rich Powerful Men (Only Republicans Can Full Fill My Needs) pic map

Sep 2 Me and Retired Milifairy are backs from the bakery (PBL, donts call me a pillow biter) pic

Sep 2 What could possibly go wrong (Red State Vet) pic

posted mon sep 1

Sep 1 cory "too extreme for Colorado" gardener lying on TV ads (Just another lying republican) pic

Sep 1 Rush Limbaugh? pic

Sep 1 re: Re: (You're funny PBL) (You're still a riot PBL) pic

Sep 1 (PBL, not booksmart but gay) pic pic

Sep 1 Abortion Stories

Sep 1 re: Keep your Boehner...WHY IS THE CULT SO AGAINST BIRTH CONTROL? (Don't need it with young hairless boys.) pic

Sep 1 The truth that hurts Pussy Boy Con's feeeeeeeeeeeelings (No wonder Pedophile Boy Lying is stupid) pic

Sep 1 Liberal Scum

Sep 1 Keep your Boehner out of my uterus (PBL, butt not out of me butt) pic

posted sun aug 31

Aug 31 Corruption in colorado (Jefferson County) (Arvada,Jefferson County,Idaho Springs) pic map

posted sat aug 30

Aug 30 Whacked Out Governor (Colorado)

Aug 30 reported 26 year old unsolved murder (Castle Rock) map

Aug 30 Denver Patent Office give "Urban Homestead" away (Unites States)

Aug 30 Denver Parking Meters...a scam? (denver area) map

Aug 30 Denver Parking Meters...a scam? (denver area) map

Aug 30 Flagging Our Solution ! ! ! (Party Pollution) pic

Aug 30 WSJ/NBC Poll: Obama Approval Hits All-Time Low map

Aug 30 11,472,000 Americans Have Left Workforce Since Obama Took Office map

posted fri aug 29

Aug 29 re:The food stamp president.... (Lone Tree) pic

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